• Flamingo Core: Blazingly fast frontends and web apps

    Flamingo is an open source framework written in Go. Use Flamingo Core to build sophisticated web applications with tailored frontends according to your business processes and brand CI. Connect to any backend system or microservices via API. Easily build app-like fast frontends. Simple to set-up new business ideas and MVP’s.

    Fast & Flexible / Written in Go / Easy to learn

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Flamingo Highlights

  • For Businesses
  • For Developers
    • Frontends on any
      backend system

      Use one modern easy-to-use framework to create tailored frontends based on any system such as Magento, Hybris or Demandware
    • Brand look and feel

      Brand look and feel for any channel and device, perfectly tailored according to your brand CI
    • Easy API-based integration

      Simple plug & play integration of Flamingo and other microservices in existing legacy IT infrastructure via ports and adapters
    • Fast, Flexible, Scalable

      Powerful, scalable performance, designed for enterprise projects. Flexible custom frontends for any channel, quick like an app
    • Quick Business Cases

      Short time-to-market due to easy implementation of new business ideas. Quickly create, test and adapt Minimum Viable Products
    • Multiple Backend Sources

      Use existing templates and products from several sources or databases to quickly create new products or frontends
    • Early Productiveness

      Use one modern easy-to-use frontend framework for any system. Easy to learn, enabling developers and teams to quickly become productive
    • Future Proof Software

      Lightweight architecture ensures long-term software quality without technical debts
    • Scalable Performance

      Highly dynamic fast content rendering. Individual personalization and context aware rendering.
    • Ultimate flexibility

      Open source framework allows development of tailored software and customized features according to your business needs
    • Designed for Microservice architecture

      Independent development of lightweight distributed services without dependencies
    • Clean code

      Use of Domain Driven Design and Ports and Adapters Layering - with clean and clear dependencies
    • Stable Open Source framework

      Simple, reliable and efficient software written in Go, designed for Enterprise projects
    • Frontend development performance

      Frontend build pipeline decoupled from backend logic
    • Easy to learn

      Early productiveness for developers and fast team ramp up
    • E-Commerce Features

      Many out-of-the-box e-commerce features with full flexibility to adapt to your business needs.
      See Flamingo Commerce

Flamingo Usecases

How to best use Flamingo framework

    • Headless E-Commerce
    • Microservice Architecture
    • Flamingo Standalone
      • Microservice Architecture
      • Web Application with Flamingo
      • Individual Enterprise Solution

Case Studies

Projects using Flamingo

  • Heathrow Case study
  • Auckland Airport Case study
  • Frankfurt Airport Case study
  • T-Systems Case study

Getting started

  • get_app

    Step 1. Install Go

    Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Download Go

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    Step 2. Check out the Example

    Clone the Flamingo “hello world” example from GitHub and run it.

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    Step 3. Write your own application

    Start your application and check out our tutorials.

Please read our documentation for details or contact us in case of any questions: