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Scalable frontend framework for your headless microservice architecture

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  • About Flamingo

    Flamingo is a frontend framework made in go. Its especially useful for building flexible and scalable web based portals in a microservice oriented architecture.

    You can use it to build custom experience applications in the communication layer of your architecture - or use it to build microservices with user interfaces directly.

    Potential use cases:

    • dashboard

      Experience Layer

      Use it as frontend or experience layer on top of your service oriented or microservice based architecture.

    • flip_to_front

      Self contained service

      Build flexible and maintainable self contained services.

    • Magento 2 based commerce

      Use Flamingo as scalable frontend for your Magento 2 as headless service and build your flexible eCommerce frontend on top.

    • face

      Individual Commerce Solution

      Big eCommerce sites require a microservice oriented approach and they need a frontend that is flexible and can render personalized content in real time.

Check out the features of the framework:


The Flamingo's highlight features

  • extension

    Frontend Templating

    Frontend Templating on Steroids: Seperate Frontend Build and Development Tools available

  • settings

    Configuration Management

    Supports different configuration contexts as basis for multichannel and localisations

  • view_module

    Useful Core Modules

    A growing set of useful core packages including cart, checkout, product, authentication etc.

  • settings_input_composite

    Ports and Adapters

    Follows domain driven design and decouples layers via ports and adapters which allows individual connections to microservices

  • code

    Dependency Injection

    Dependencies can be injected into objects, such as constructor injection or setter injection

  • near_me

    Blazing Fast

    Based on "GO" - an open source programming language that makes building simple, reliable, and efficient software easy.

We've gotten some showcases for you:

Getting started

The ugly can be beautiful. The pretty, never.

  • get_app

    Step 1. Install Go

    Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

  • assignment_turned_in

    Step 2. Check out flamingo trainings and documentations

    Check out flamingo training and documentation material.

  • keyboard_return

    Step 3. Develop and Contribute

    Scale up your teams and start using flamingo to build and run services.
    Be part and participate in the open source community.

Please read our documentation for details or contact us in case of any questions:

Contact us

Feel free to ask anything about our framework.

Early access: Currently Flamingo is available upon request.